I love to get fired.. a career coach’s mission in life!!!

I had an excellent day recently. I was “fired” as a coach three times in one morning!

Ann-Marie, whom I had been coaching through the interview process for a Senior management position in a semi state body phoned me to tell me she had landed the job and she wouldn’t need my services anymore! I was fired and I was thrilled!

Shortly afterwards I received a phone call from Fiona, she hadn’t done an interview in 14 years and was extremely nervous. I had helped her prepare and coached her through the interview process. She had gone through seven rounds of interviews with a company she was very interested in. She called me to say she had landed the job and had negotiated an excellent package for herself. She thanked me for my help and told me I was fired again, and I was absolutely delighted!

I had barely put the phone down when I received a call from John. John originally came to me looking for interview preparation support but as we delved into things a bit deeper it became apparent that what he was really looking for was a change of career. We explored his career options together and put together a career plan. This plan required him to go back to college and  gain a qualification in his area of interest. However, he needed to be able to fund this, so his approach was to find a job that would enable him to pay his bills and live but also allow him to study.

He called me to let me know that he had successfully interviewed for a position in a customer service role, which he likes doing, that would enable him to pay his bills and live his life while studying to enable him to pursue his dream career.

We wrapped up the call, I was fired again. I was ecstatic….what a day!!!

Who comes for career coaching?

Typically, there are two groups of people who come for career coaching.

The first group is who I call the “Career Transitioners”. These are people who want to make a career change and do something completely different.

This is quite an introspective process where we spend a lot of time helping the client understand what’s important to them in a career,

  • what it is that they really want
  • help them identify what they are good at
  • what type of work might suit them

This helps them identify a number of options for their career path. [let’s call this phase 1.]

The second group is who I refer to as “Job Seekers”. (phase 2) 

These are essentially people who are looking for a similar or related role to what they are doing now but in a different company.

The focus for this group is around

  • reviewing their branding
    • Revising their CV.
    • Putting a cover letter together.
    • Writing a professional bio.
    • Updating their LinkedIn profile.
  • job search strategies
  • assisting with interview preparation
  • practise (in particular competency-based interview preparation)
  • hints and tips about salary negotiation

Most phase 1 people also go on to phase 2.


Are you a phase 1 person or are you a phase 2?

Would you like to have the opportunity to fire me as your coach?

Why not book a FREE 30 minute career coaching consultation and let’s discuss how I can help you.



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