Skills Development and Facilitation

I work with groups or individuals who are Sole traders, SME’s, Large Companies or Multinationals who wish to develop their soft skills. This can be on an individual basis or as a team or a group-based workshop. Organizational skills development needs are often identified during 1 on 1 executive or business coaching.

At Enable Me Coaching, I am an expert in developing and delivering soft skills training to teams, groups, and individuals.

I aim to provide a fun, experiential, interactive approach to training which draws heavily on case studies from  my extensive time in industry. I am certified in Team Coaching and DiSC behavioural and EQi.20 emotional intelligence assessments. (Did you know that up to 42% of business success is attributed to emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence can be developed into your seventies, unlike IQ which peaks in our late teens. Take a look here for more info on EQ.

Coaching brings clarity, clarity enables action.

The training and facilitation areas I cover include (but are not limited to.)

Or perhaps you have your own agenda that you would like to explore. I can tailor my training programmes to suit your needs. I am available to facilitate your online, onsite or offsite meetings such as a strategic planning session or a goal setting session.

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